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25th September 2019
Covid 19 – A Personal Message
21st July 2020

Rach's #Lockdown Triathlon Challenge.

We've been under strict lockdown since the beginning of March. Unlike some other countries, we've not been allowed to go out on our bikes to exercise and can only walk up to 1km from our house. We are though, rather lucky as we have plenty of outside space, a turbo and, have finally got the pool up and running for the Summer.

A few weeks ago the pool was too cold to contemplate and although the weather was warm, the thought of jumping in, even with a wet suit was not appealing!

Instead, we focussed on turbo sessions on the bike, which we set up outside so we could at least see the mountains, even if we couldn't be in them. Added to that was our daily 1 hour walk with the dog around our local lake, where we watched baby otters playing in the water and ducklings learning to dive...

As the weeks under lockdown have progressed, Rach, like most of us, has begun to get restless and, inspired by some of the great lockdown challenges that we've been following, (and now that the pool has warmed up), she's set herself the challenge of completing her first ever triathlon... Of course, it's going to take place here at Allons y Pyrenees, and of course it's not a full distance triathlon, just an entry level supersprint, but even so, it's a pretty big challenge nonetheless.

The plan is to complete the triathlon on May 10th, the day before the first easing of lockdown here in France, and this is how it will work:
34 lengths of the pool will be followed by a 10km ride on the turbo, set up in the garden. Finally, Rach will complete 20 laps of the grounds at a fast walk or jog - those of you that know her well will know there's not a chance she'll be 'sprinting'!

She's aiming for sub 1 hour and we'll put photos and videos out on Facebook throughout the challenge and afterwards to keep you entertained. If you've completed any crazy lockdown challenges, let us know, or better still, if you have a challenge for Chris to undertake, then send over your ideas...

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