Big Bikes @ Aubisque
How To Convince Yourself To Get On A Bike
19th February 2018
Big Bikes @ Aubisque
Col Number One
28th April 2018
Big Bikes @ Aubisque
Nom : Col de Coupe
Altitude : 732 m
Départ : Bulan
Longueur : 4.00 km
Dénivellation : 200 m
% Moyen : 5%
% Maximal : 5.0%
Massif : Pyrénées CentralesFrance

I’m On The Bike!

One month in and my training plan has been put into action. I can finally say that I’m back on the bike and that training for my 21 col adventure has begun. Not that it’s an adventure just yet! More like pain and hard work, especially with the indoor interval training on the turbo that Chris seems to make harder for me every time. But I’ve started and I’ve not given up... and there’s still 5 weeks left for me to make it up my first col – the Col de Coupe – I think I could actually do this!

The Season Has Started

Training started with our first cycling guests of the 2018 season; they’d read my blog, laughed at my excuses and volunteered to take me out on a little ride at the end of their Ironman training week. During that week, Chris, Meredith and Paul clocked up over 260 miles on the bike, cycling from Allons-y-Pyrenees every day and only requiring one pick up in Lourdes after a grand day out to Cauterets, although I’ll admit I offered a second pick-up from La Bastide (@LaBastideTournay) a few days later, which only Chris took me up on! The weather was beautiful, there was no need for winter weather gear and it was great to have such a varied choice of routes available so early on in the season.

Homemade Pizza

With the weather so good, it gave us a chance to really give the pizza oven a go – I can report that it definitely works and that Paul’s recipe for dough and my pizza toppings, along with Chris’ homemade sauerkraut, make for a perfect pizza or 10! With the rosemary growing nicely in the garden herb-wheel, I’ve got an idea for garlic and rosemary focaccias next time we fire the oven up, and I’d like to get a joint roasting over night as the fire dies down...

Cycling Motivation

And, as promised, I went out with everyone on their last day for my little bike ride! I cycled quite happily to a picnic spot by the river in Bordes, where Paul had gone on ahead in our transport vehicle to set up a picnic and check out the fishing, I cycled from the picnic spot to La Bastide... had a few drinks (you may have seen the Facebook post) and got a lift home! But I was back on the bike, and that was the whole point. Even better, now that I’ve actually been on the bike and am doing some focussed training, I’ve decided to order myself some nice new cycling apparel; a new long-sleeved jersey and some decent cycling shorts for the longer rides that I WILL be undertaking soon. I’ve got my eye on a pair of nice red cycling shoes, but need to wait for my jersey to arrive to check colour combinations...

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