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4th September 2017
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21st March 2018
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Why I Might Actually Start To Cycle

How To Convince Yourself To Get On A Bike

I’m not a cyclist. Okay, so I own a cycling business, I know a lot about cycling, I watch all the major tours and I’ve seen my fair share of stages live. But I’m not a cyclist… And I’m not really sure why. The idea of cycling appeals to me; the open roads, the wind in your face, the sense of achievement you only get when competing against yourself, the chance to accessorise your bike with a carefully matched outfit (or helmet at the very least)! Yet every time the opportunity arises to get out on my bike (and I do actually own one of my own and several belonging to the business) I always find an excuse.

The Importance Of A Good Fitness Regime

I’m not unfit: I walk every day, a 3 mile circular stretch incorporating a rather steep 1.5 mile hill, from our site at Allons-y-Pyrenees; once we open up the pool for the summer, I swim 50 lengths of the 12m pool at least 5 times a week and every morning I undertake a series of squats and sit-ups to engage core strength, but I’m just not ready to get onto the bike.

Great Cycling In The Pyrenees

So what is it that’s stopping me? Last year, I was able to count on both hands the amount of times I went out on the bike, and I can also tell you that I loved every one of those outings. By ride 4, I even had the courage to go out on my own, without Chris, for a 28km ride (albeit on the flats rather than up any number of the famous cols our area is known for). I made it up hills – hills, not mountains – but it was a start, and it felt good. And then I just stopped.

Is it because the weather turned? I don’t honestly think so; Chris is still managing 200 miles a week outdoors and the skies have continued to be blue throughout the winter months. Is it because I’ve been too busy with the business? Well, things are busy and there’s lots to do, but not so much that I can’t fit in a 2 hour bike ride a couple of times a week. So what’s holding me back?

Cycling Clothing For All Weathers

Last week, my excuse was that I didn’t have any winter clothing to wear on the bike. I spent the afternoon, as Chris cycled to the chateau at Mauvezin, creating a custom made pair of cycling tights out of an old pair of 40 denier hold-ups. But I still didn’t make it onto the bike.

A Competitive Spirit Is Not Essential

I’m not bothered about competing against other people, but I do like the challenge of improving against myself and I do like self-imposed random rules… Maybe this could be how I finally convince myself to get out on that bike and train, train, train. So here’s my plan: there are 21 mythical cols in our area, 7 months of almost perfect cycling weather per year and I have a 3 year plan in mind. I’m going to order the cols into difficulty (coloured pens, pretty profile drawings with keys only I understand etc) and then challenge myself to ride 1 col a month from April through to October inclusive. I’m starting with the lesser known Col de Coupe, then moving on to the Aspin by month 7.

And then there’s that one other rule – if you write it, you have to do it!!! You can bet if I succeed I’ll be ‘strava-ing’ away and ‘reliving my rides’ for all to see.

So wish me luck – I’m off to buy a matching outfit in preparation for my new plan!

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